Day Forty Nine: ZERO

I’m not exactly super keen on talking to anyone just yet, so I’m having a big breakfast, keeping wifi off for the time being, and having some alone time.

I know I need to shake myself out of this wallowing, but I’m just going to stay in it for a little while longer yet and work it out of my system.


There we go!

I finally turned on wifi, uploaded a couple blog posts, I’ve texted M&D a few times and I’m ready to face people.


Pretty sure coming here only served to break my heart more for our entry last night… I climbed out of the back of the truck, and one person after another exclaimed, “Wizard! You’re here! We were waiting for you last night!”

Apparently the crowd had stayed till past midnight for us, hoping we were okay and wondering why we didn’t come this way. Having had zero reception for five days now, we had no idea that people stayed at the General Store instead of Grumpy’s.

It all worked out okay though.

There had been a burger and wine waiting for me, but it was able to bless and feed King Arthur instead, which I’m glad of. She’d run out of food too, and none of her peeps had bought her anything when they got in earlier.

Maya and I got to soak our feet in some Epsom salts, and there was a puppy to give me love too.

I specifically HAVE NOT even thought about my resupply just yet. I’ll face that tomorrow. I have to get a bear canister too, and odds and ends, but today was to vent, reset, and hug my friends – and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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