Day Fifty: 1130.1 – 1134.1km

I really could have done with two full zeroes.

I probably should have, to be honest, but trying to stick with Maya and Dario is higher on my priorities than rest right now. I love those two! Dario gave me the biggest hug yesterday as I arrived and cried out my disappointment.

Brad, the Prodigal, has come back from hiatus (due to shin splints and then gastro as well!) and has opted to skip some of the desert and start back up with us. Kinda nice, because I had breakfast with him at Scout and Frodo’s the morning we were dropped off to start this adventure! So to still have a friend I’m walking with since Day One feels like an accomplishment in itself (and he’ll go back and finish the rest after we get to Canada).

Anyway, today was productive, at least.

I got my week’s supply of food, I got my bear can, I got another pair of tights so that I can hike in them – and if they get wet, at least I’ll have dry thermals for bedtime.

I also spent a solid five hours of talk time with family. It’s my birthday in a few days! And this is the last time I’ll have service before then, so I had to do some calls back to home and fit in what I could while I could.

I’m missing home.

I’m tired, and probably still emotionally drained from the past couple days.

I don’t feel ready to walk this evening, even if it’s to stay with the others.

There’s always a little fun audience when people try to figure out how to fit a week’s worth of food in their shiny new bear cans and then fit that into their pack…

Mine was almost embarrassing.

We estimated it weighs over 25kg/55lb.

I have to strap my entire tent on the bottom with the groundsheet and ukulele, because they won’t fit in. And then I strap my quilt on top, and the ‘brain’ (the top section of the pack) is strapped on top of that, trying to hold it all into place.

I mean, I can pick it up just fine, and once it’s clipped on, my hips take the weight – so it’s not too bad. But when I stand next to Jefé and his ultralight pack… There are some very obvious differences. Let’s just leave it at that.

We’re finally leaving to do a few miles and catch his girlfriend, Songbird, my trail family, and a few other hikers that are in our growing clan ❤️

It’s 9:30PM. Never too late to put in a few miles, right?!

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