Day Fifty Four: 1212.9 – 1234.4km

‘The Great Bishop Shakedown’

It’s all I can think about, as we go up and up and up today.

My mind has been made, and Jefé and Pickleback are right on board (as is everyone else): we’re going to give me a nice big shakedown. Like, a really nice big shakedown.

I can feel all the extra bits and pieces pulling down on my shoulders, my hips, my legs, into my feet, and getting to town can’t come soon enough to lighten up this pack.

We’re only going to the base of Mt. Whitney today, to set up a little base camp. It’s called ‘slack-packing’: when you dump everything out of your pack and carry up the bare minimum. In our case, it’ll be ALL our clothes layers, sleeping bag, coffee/hot chocolate and plenty of snacks.

I’m not quite sure what to expect, because I’ve never been at 14,500~ft elevation before and most of the crew are taking the potential temperature seriously. According to them, it’ll be freezing. It’s all kinda exciting though!

We’re aiming for a summit sunrise, which means leaving camp at 1AM. Yep. I think it’s around an eight mile walk, and giving ourselves six hours to do it seems like a lot, but who knows..

First things first: MORNING CAMPFIRE!

There really wasn’t much point in rushing out, so we cooked up some breakfast burritos and spoiled ourselves.

And as always, the walk was entirely beautiful.

It was just a lot of up.

And my mind is stuck on how much my pack weighs.

On a different note, I’m getting better better at balance beams.

The high stakes make it nerve wracking, but I haven’t had wet feet once yet, so here’s hoping that track record sticks!

And Sarah got pooped on by a bird.

So all in all, another great day.

Not sure what time we’ll get in tonight or how much (little!) sleep I’ll get, but man – what a start to 28!

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