Day Sixty Three: 1269.9 – 1287.2km

I don’t think I’m exactly taking this hiking thing seriously anymore…

I mean, we didn’t start until 11:30AM this morning.

I skipped up some of the trail. A couple of hikers heading the opposite direction remarked with a laugh, “You’re way too happy to really be hiking this!”

But honestly, how can I not skip, or laugh, or sing along with music? It is SO glorious out here, that all the goodness around me sinks in and then pours back out.

I feel alive!

I feel free.

I feel so much joy.

I feel like I was born to be here, in this moment at this place.

The mountains and rivers and valleys remind me of something like the movie The Beach (before it goes pear shaped and people start dying, of course). The landscape seems untouched. Pure. As if this was how the world was created, and no one has put a human smudge on it just yet.

It is so pristine it blows my mind.

We stopped at one of the lakes for lunch, stayed for three hours, and started hiking again after 6PM. That’s what I mean about not taking it seriously.

But you know what? I enjoy this way more. Who says we have to follow any ‘rules’ about when we should hike and how far? Who even came up with any rules for walking through this paradise?!

Today (tonight…) also included a suspension bridge, a campfire, marshmallows and wine.

I’m considering jogging back to the bridge in the morning – it’s only a few hundred metres back – to see what I walked across. It was pretty scary in the dark, but I think I may have been lucky that it was dark. I could hear the river below me and feel the bridge swing back and forth all rickety and terrifying. I didn’t freeze halfway though; I kept going, and made it, and enjoyed that fire and dinner and dessert and company.

Life is good.

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