Day Sixty Four: 1287.2 – 1306.7km





I had been having a quiet morning conversation with Nemo as we all slowly woke up, but I jumped up so flipping fast – barely stopping to pull on my shoes as I ran towards the flash of brown I’d just seen.

“Wizard WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You’re running the wrong way!”


And I got one 😊

Well, that was an exciting morning.

I’ve been waiting to see a bear, and this one seemed friendly enough. He really didn’t pay me much attention at all; he was just doing his own thing meandering down to the river.

After the excitement wore off and I’d had my brekky and coffee, I meandered back to the river myself, to have another look at that suspension bridge.

It made me queasy just climbing the ladder to reach it. We as high as halfway up the pine trees, and the river raged below us.

I’d thought crossing at night was bad – now I’m thankful I wasn’t able to see what was below me.

But, of course, as we followed the winding river throughout the day I was glad I could see it. As always, it was another gorgeous day.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned our family story time.

At night, or during an afternoon siesta, or beside beautiful lakes, Nemo has been reading The Tao of Pooh to us. I had never heard of it, but it is an absolutely brilliant book, and pretty unique: it explains Taoism through excerpts from Winnie the Pooh stories.

My favourite excerpt so far has been one that we all seem to keep referring to, as we follow our honeypots:

The fact is,” said Rabbit, “we’ve missed our way somehow.”
They were having a rest in a small sand-pit on the top of the Forest. Pooh was getting rather tired of that sand-pit, and suspected it of following them about, because whichever direction they started in, they always ended up at it, and each time, as it came through the mist at them, Rabbit said triumphantly, “Now I know where we are!” and Pooh said sadly, “So do I,” and Piglet said nothing.
“I just thought,” said Pooh. “Now then, Piglet, let’s go home.”
“But, Pooh,” cried Piglet, all excited, “do you know the way?”
“No,” said Pooh. “But there are twelve pots of honey in my cupboard, and they’ve been calling to me for hours. I couldn’t hear them properly before, because Rabbit would talk, but if nobody says anything except those twelve pots, I think, Piglet, I shall know where they’re calling from. Come on.”

I find myself asking, “What the heck am I doing here?!” on an almost daily basis.

I still don’t have a concrete answer, but I know that honey pots called me here, and those honey pots keep calling me north.

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