Day Sixty Nine: 1380.4 – 1390.3km

Obviously, the Hiker Biker Gang aka. River Bandits had to have a communal breakfast to start the day. It also made sense – seeing as we’re already here – to have one last quick look-see at the hiker boxes at the Muir Trail Ranch. There were fresh (albeit dirty) faces as more people had rocked up for their resupply, so of course we should do our due diligence and see if there were more fancy dehydrated meals left behind.

There were.

We upgraded more, then proceeded to cook up a storm of bacon and eggs and breakfast burritos and even had hot sauce to boot.

By the time we left, it was a little drizzly…

But the poor weather made for stunning views, and hard climb with heavy packs kept us warm.

Our climb up meant we were inside the clouds

I don’t know if you’ve walked through clouds before, but it is just as magical as you’d imagine.

And then thunder started rumbling.

Personally, I found it exhilarating.

Being in storms ignited my blood. It gets me excited. You can feel the electricity in the air, and everything tingles gloriously in anticipation.

The fellas weren’t so keen.

We were heading for the other side of Selden Pass, but in their wisdom, they didn’t want us up on a summit in a lightning storm.


We were only three kilometres away – maybe a 40minute walk – but they said it’s ‘too dangerous’ and we should backtrack to the last campsites we passed. Lucky for them it was only a few hundred yards, so I didn’t kick up too much of a fuss. And also, I never need help justifying less miles in the day.

As we picked out our few flat spots and began pitching tents, the rain began bucketing down.


There was a TORRENT of water from the heavens that pounded down upon us.

Our campsite more closely resembled a ghost town as I peeked my head through the zipper of my tent. Everyone had retreated for protection under their shelters. It was bizarre to be under such a heavy storm, but also kind of fun.

Dinnertime was upon us before we knew it.

The men gathered under Nemo’s tarp, combined all of our stoves and pots and cooked up a feast of noodles and stew and vegetables.

I’m glad in our rush to set up shelter I parked right beside Nemo: they passed me a bowl directly under my tent flap, and I ate in bed wrapped up snug and tight in my quilt, and I’m going to sleep dry, warm, and well fed.

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