Day Seventy: ZERO

The unthinkable has happened.

We’re zeroing again.

At this point, I don’t even know how it keeps happening. The Sierras are a vortex of their own!

Maybe this is why people quit in Northern California… because it’s going to be so hard to start pushing out those 25-30mile days after averaging nine miles a day. Oops. The lakes and rivers and naps and campfires and card games and story times just call to us! It’s the honey pots! We can’t help it!

At least I don’t have a schedule that’s freaking me out. Some hikers have their mileage and elevation and everything worked out to a tee – but all I see them gaining from their calculations is a whole lot of stress and worry that I just am not about.

There’s no room for worrying about timeframes and deadlines out here. Our worries are how far until the next lake, can we set up camp before the thunderstorm hits, will our food last if we take another day? And after our Muir Trail Ranch River Bandit Raid, we absolutely have enough food to afford us all an extra day – even eating as kings and queens.

Because we woke up slowly, by the time our morning campfire was cranking and breakfast burritos ready, it was after 11AM. According to the Hiker Biker Gang rules*, this meant we had to swim in the lake.

Griz was more than antsy by this point though, so we gave him a huge big hug and let him stride off northbound as we continued lounging and laughing. We did catch on quicksmart that he had one of the salami sticks in his pack, though, so instead of him carrying it and us ‘trying to catch him’ or us taking it all for ourselves, we called it the Commitment Salami – because we promise to see each other again – and divided it into sixths, enjoying it together as a gang.

We had second breakfast.

We played cards again.

Those dark clouds from last night reappeared, and we collectively agreed it wouldn’t be a smart idea to try and hike if there was a storm coming in, soooo…

We’re staying put.

Tomorrow, we’re aiming for 21.5mi, with a total of 5000ft elevation GAIN and 4500ft elevation LOSS. That means a huge day, with lots of ups and downs.

We can do it, though.

We’re HBG; the Hiker Biker Gang. We’re tough. We’ve got this. Let’s just surprise everyone and pull out the big guns.

For now, though, I’m going to have a nap. Might go fishing later too, before Pad Thai for dinner – and I’m not kidding. The Muir Trail Ranch paid off well.

Thank you, honey pots.

* We have two gang rules: every lake we come across between the hours of 11AM and 3PM we have to swim in, and all food and drink is shared in a ‘puff, puff, pass’ manner (take two bites/sips/puffs and pass it to the next gang member)

2 thoughts on “Day Seventy: ZERO

  1. Melissa Prouty says:

    I love it!!! I know it’s no comparison but on the Camino I said about waterholes! Must also dip feet or swim whenever the opportunity arises! I am glad to hear your wisdom…I have said the same for my planned thru-hike. Have a start date with no end….don’t calcute days just take it day by day! So glad your found a fab tribe!


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