Day Seventy Three: 1431.1 – 1459.1km

I know I’ve said it before.

I’ve probably said it plenty!

I just can’t get enough of the Sierras:

The crystal clear lakes.

The vibrant green grass.

The miles we keep chipping away at.

The granite mountains that surround us, protect us, mystify us, beckon us.

Has it really been 900 miles of trail already? Nearly one and a half THOUSAND kilometres?

This is a big walk. And yet, it’s really just a whole lot of day walks back to back. It’s easier to think about like that. The big numbers don’t make much sense to me otherwise.

Today was another day to add to our long list of day walks: we walked until we reached Reds Meadow, we had our mouthwatering fantastic chocolatey milkshakes that were a disgustingly exorbitant $11 each, we soaked our feet in the semi-secret hot spring. We shared some wine, we shared some chocolate, we shared laughs and hugs and shared a small campsite with our tents lined up next to each other like the family we are.

We agreed that Mammoth isn’t going to happen: we’ve still got food from our MTR Raid, and there’s always a chance we might pick up more tomorrow morning before setting off. Plus, if we skip town zeroes we can have more neroes on trail instead, which is much more worth it.

One third of the trail down.

Two thirds to go.

We shall keep making the most of all it has to offer.

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