Day Seventy Four: 1459.1 – 1466.1km

Yesterday was the first time I’ve fallen down on trail.

It was a solid one too: I was as good as a turtle, splayed out in the dirt. Only a few scrapes and bruises that have made themselves known today to show for it, but it happened.

So I just wanted to admit that I have fallen flat on my face now. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

‘Sooner or later’ is kind of how we approached leaving Reds Meadow today.

This is never a good plan for us.

We know it.

But we still let it happen.

There was a total lack of urgency as our tents were packed, hiker boxes rifled through, breakfast burritos made. J$ and I even washed our hair in buckets – with shampoo and conditioner!

Nemo and I bought some matching sunnies that make us look kinda badass.

We’re kinda out of practise with this whole ‘hiking’ thing, so wanted to be sensible about it today.

Which is why we took a break after four kilometres. No need to overexert ourselves. And the water was practically begging us to soak our feet.

By then, it was getting into later afternoon. The most sensible thing for us to do now, would be to not hike too late. In fact, there was a pretty great campsite just a couple more kilometres up the track… Getting into a camp early, for a good night’s sleep, would be a wise choice.

We listened to the honeypots. 7PM, and our tents are up and a campfire already cracking. Good choices today all around – and I have clean shiny hair to top it off. What a good day.

Before I go, I wanted to let you in on another part of hiker life. There are many absurd things we do that do not fit in with life under a roof with a steady job. Out here, though, they’re so normal I forget to even tell you about it all! I realised, you probably don’t know that we more often than not eat dinner out of freezer bags.

Be careful not to get confused with a storage bag, like what your mum might have packed sandwiches in for school lunches. I always thought it was just a marketing ploy to get you to spend more money, but it turns out they are slightly different. The biggest difference that we care about is freezer bags can handle boiling water without disintegrating. So, we boil our water for dinner, and then pour it into a freezer bag that has our dehydrated meal or instant potato or a pasta side, zip it up, wrap it in a puffy jacket (for insulation and heat retention, obviously) and voilà! Dinner is good to go!

AND this way there are no dirty pots to clean.


Hiker life is my favourite life!

2 thoughts on “Day Seventy Four: 1459.1 – 1466.1km

  1. bronty says:

    Lol! Eating out of freezer bags at least saves washing up I guess?!😝

    Glad you didn’t injure yourself too badly when you fell babe – I’m surprised you’ve made it this far without losing your footing before – especially when you have all that weight on your back!!

    Love you
    Kazz & boys


    • Naomi Joy says:

      Yeah I know, I’ve been lucky! Had more than a few times where my toe has caught a rock and sent me skipping a few steps, but this was the first time fully in the dirt. Hopefully the last 🙈


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