Day Seventy Five: 1466.1 – 1485.5km

I’m craving some human touch today.

I want a hug.

I’m not feeling down or entirely lonely. Nothing’s really wrong, and I’ve got the best gang by my side – I think I just need a big hug.

Have you heard of The Five Love Languages? It’s a concept that we all feel love and show love in a specific way. Some feel loved through words, or acts of service, or receiving gifts. My big ones are quality time and touch.

I was just kinda walking along by myself today and realised it’s been a long while since I’ve had a good hug.

There’s a little bit of reception here in these mountains – we’re just on the outskirts of Yosemite – so I’ve been able talk to Mumma and Dad a fair bit in the past couple days, but I just want a hug.

I want to be held super tight, to have a friendly hand on my shoulder, my hand squeezed.

I hadn’t realised how much I’ve been missing touch, because I’ve had my love tank full with the best quality time thanks to some absolute stellar people.

But today would be a good day for a cuddle.

You know what today is also good for? Views. Flowers. Creeks. Lakes. Sunshine – but not too much of it.

On a different note, we’ve been crunching some numbers… It doesn’t look too good.

We’ve taken our time here – for which I have no regrets and would not do anything differently – but I guess I hadn’t realised how much that eats away into the time it’ll take me to get to Canada.

I know I’m getting there; I have no doubt that I can make it. It’s just weather that’s an issue.

People strongly suggest you reach the Northern Terminus (aka. the border) by October, as snows can hit in Washington any time from September through December.

“Don’t count on hiking in October”, HOB told Nemo and I today. He’s this crazy hectic older fella who has walked more than any person should, and his wife often joins him. He’s about to finish up a ‘triple triple crown’, which means he has completed all three big thru hikes in America THREE TIMES EACH. He and Chickadee, his wife, have walked the Camino SEVENTEEN TIMES (from different angles and starting points). And they cycle too: they’ve taken their tandem bicycle across four different continents. They’re basically machines. And with all his wisdom and hiking experience, HOB reckons that we have to finish by October..

That means we’re going to have to step up to an average of 45-50km EACH DAY once we hit North California/Oregon. Fun times ahead. Buuuut at least we’re not starting that average just yet 😉

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