Day Seventy Six: 1485.5 – 1514.1km

I walked to Yosemite National Park.


This is the go-to background for Apple computers and phones.

It’s not hard to see why.

Sunrise felt just a tad too early for summit whisky, so we shared summit coffee instead. Twice. (We had to make a second pot; it just felt right this morning).

I had Florence and the Machine playing on my Spotify as I wandered onward and upward.

‘Every skyline is like a kiss upon the lips’

– How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

I had no idea just how fitting that song would be today.

Every skyline was like a kiss. And they kept coming, one after another. The lush grass and the white granite and the blue sky and the bubbling creeks gave the impression I was lost in Wonderland – I just about expected a White Rabbit to hop through with his waistcoat and pocket watch. So much so, that I only managed to take one picture of it all.

As we sat, and swam, and soaked in the sunlight on top of Donner Pass (there was a lake on top!), a few clouds started brewing on the horizon. I think we actually heard the thunder before we saw them.

We watched, and waited.

I got excited.

I love storms.

The thunder got louder.

The clouds turned dark – really dark. Soon enough we were watching lightning crack down out of the sky into the valley below us, exactly where we were headed.

I have seen some killer storms in my time, but this one takes the cake.

What looked like a funnel opened up in the black mass where bright blue was only hours ago, and let forth torrential rain.

Rain, and lightning, and thunder echoing up and over the granite all around us.


So I chased it.

Why not, right?

(I also just watched Twister while in Bishop – so storm chasing is on my cool list of things to do right now).

Only, as I wound down towards it, the clouds moved away from me.

Lightning became more sporadic.

Thunder grew distant.

The only water that dripped down onto me was from the wet trees all around.

I was almost disappointed. I would have been, I guess, if it weren’t for the fog that rolled in and gave the afternoon even more of a magical feel. Instead of Wonderland, it now felt like an enchanted forest, with whispering woods and glistening leaves whenever I turned my head.



The Prodigal and I reached the meadow together, and kept looking at each other in wonder of the scene before us.

What a juxtaposition.

What a roller coaster of crazy beauty and magic.

And now this meadow.

My luck just doesn’t end.

My marvelling at the world I’m in doesn’t end either.

This is glorious.

This is better than I could have hoped, or dreamed, or imagined.

4 thoughts on “Day Seventy Six: 1485.5 – 1514.1km

  1. bronty says:

    Gorgeous! How unreal that YOU ARE LIVING THIS DREAM!!! You are doing this! Filling your soul with adventure Every. Single. Day!!
    You will never be the same after experiencing this Naomi – a little bit of this beauty will stay with you forever and you will leave a little bit of you everywhere you go!
    How special!


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