Day Eighty Three: 1576.7 – 1608.7km

Wondering out loud, I asked the PCT if our relationship was one of unrequited love.

I give her my all, every day.

Of course I get tired. There are ebbs and flows to my energy, to my attitude, to how I approach her.

Such is the cyclic nature of life.

But everything that I have, she gets.

She takes.

She leaves just enough to keep me ensnared in her grasp: the vistas that take my breath away, the cool breeze to refresh my spirit, the icy water I can soak my tired feet in.

She answered.

I sat by a lake and watched in awe as a bald eagle swooped down, caught a trout in its talons and soared off again.

I laughed as I practised my balancing act on fallen trees turned bridges.

There was fresh, cold water to drink from.

My path was littered with the most vibrant, colourful wildflowers.

And the ominous clouds that threatened a downpour only did that: threaten. Well, and they give me a beautiful photo.

I think she does love me back, in her own way.

Sometimes it’s cheerful, carefree honeymoon love, and I dance and sing along her.

Other times it’s a deep, sombre love that causes me to reflect or reminisce.

Always, she spurs me to keep going.

We’ve come so far together.

And we’ve got a lot of ground to cover yet.

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