Day Eighty Seven: 1636.6 – 1650.9km

Waking up with pillows under my head, a doona wrapped around me, sprawled across a fold out lounge and my friends in various beds close by was a flipping brilliant way to meet the day.

I missed these guys.

I know we were meant to get an early start and hike, but we had to be honest – there were pancakes and bacon and blueberries to eat first. And coffee. And then I had to sell my bear can to a fella on Facebook and get it shipped to him, to rid myself of that cumbersome extra 1.3kg. I had to post a couple blog updates, the Prodigal had to make an Amazon order, Pickleback had to update his Instagram story and all of us had people to say hi to…

Yeah… We didn’t get back to trail until 3:30PM.

And then because there was a summit basically straight away, we had to stop and sip the whiskey – that’s part of the Hiker Biker Gang ethos.

And then Jimminy and I had to play around with angles to show my matching tattoo and wild flowers – the gators halfway up my calves do me no favours, and I feel do not appropriately show my leg game. It’s getting fierce 😉

And then I had to take my daily selfie, which I haven’t been on top of lately (sorry folks). Also, that’s smoke behind me; not fog or cloud. These California fires are spreading smoke far and wide. We’re safe at the moment, don’t worry. And keeping an eye on updates every time we can. I promise I’m fine! I’m just glad I don’t have asthma.

And then by the time the afternoon rain came and went, the sun said its goodbyes to this part of the world and dark set in, Jimminy and I both decided we were done for the day.

The boys know us well – or perhaps, we are all just on the same page and need no encouragement – they were at the closest campsite with water, campfire hot and water boiling.

I told you I love this crew.

I guess embracing the journey with them, and flipping up to Canada doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll still be walking the same miles, just some of them backwards.

I’m coming around to the idea, that’s for sure.

Hiking is a lot more fun when I do it with friends.

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