Day Eighty Eight: 1650.9 – 1658.8km

Ahhhh yes.

Let’s just go ahead and acknowledge that we didn’t hike eight kilometres/five miles in total today. We’re just going to get that right out of the way. We can claim it for what it is – a fairly completely ridiculously short day, and instead of feeling guilty about that, embrace it!


We had a great little bushwalk in between camp sites today!

And you know what else we did?

We had a morning campfire, as was necessary after spending last week apart and only just catching Nemo (he did two five milers to wait for us), which shortly turned into an afternoon fire, and things just snowballed from there.

We played a lot of cards.

I ate a bug in my breakfast shake as part of an ‘Adventure Bingo Game’ my great friends Loz and Jake created for me to play on trail.

We DID manage to get on trail just before 3PM.

I reckon it’s this smoke that’s making us sleepy and slow. It must be something, that’s for sure…

In two hours, Jimminy and I had both walked three and a half miles. We’re not sure how it happened that we’ve walked so little. It doesn’t make sense. This is like some sort of Alice in Wonderland time warp where SURELY we’re walking faster than that but the world is doing something below our feet to make the miles stretch out way longer. I can’t explain it. There’s a phenomenon happening.

And you know what else is happening?

A flip flop.


I’m rolling with it.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you the straight path you expect or want. Sometimes there’s a curveball that you try your best to dodge, but it hits you in the face anyway (so maybe I should call that a boomerang..?).

Whatever – I’m flipping with the gang.

I really did have to come to peace with the idea, but I think I have.

I have.

It makes sense logistically, it makes sense safety wise, it makes sense to be able to continue having as much fun as we’re having in one another’s company.

I’m kinda thinking maybe I should have pretended to take longer to come around to it – because then we wouldn’t necessarily feel like we have so much extra time up our sleeves we only need to walk five miles. But then again, maybe we’d do that anyway and feel guilty about it and I’d end up listening to all the voices of reason and flipping later regardless.

Who knows?

My path has led me here.

It’s the same path, I’ll just be finishing it up a little differently than I anticipated.

Here’s to being open to those boomerangs!

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