Day Eighty Nine: 1658.8 – 1684.6km

It felt good to hike today. It felt really good. It felt like I actually hiked, which is welcome – especially as I’ve felt so unmotivated to move recently.

I think getting up early is my best bet. I hate the early mornings, but they do me good to set me up for the day.

We legged it, as well – there was a reception party at the top of a big big hill, which we were all excited for.

We got to call other hiker friends who have been ahead of us or left for a while to figure out how to reconnect and walk together again. I think 2Beers is joining us for the flip! Very exciting times!

I was able to chat to Dad briefly. I’ve been stressing about how the flipping might affect a couple care packages I know are coming my way. We sorted it out and he sat on a computer on the other side of the world, pin pointing where I was on a map. Technology is very cool.

My lunch was also very cool.

I haven’t spoken much recently about what I’ve been eating out here, and I think I should.

I’ve upped my game, big time.

Back in the day, I was living off ramen, oats, and instant mashed potato, and my body couldn’t take it any longer. Although heavy, fresh food is key. Today, for example, my lunch was the envy of everyone who witnessed it.

I sautéed up a couple cloves of garlic and red onion in butter, then added the last of this week’s mushrooms. While they were all caramelising, I was cutting up a tomato and a block of Parmesan cheese for two burritos. I stirred a pack of tuna into the pot, cooked off some of the juices so it wouldn’t be too much for the tortilla to hold, and voila! I’d also packed out a can of Coke someone had gifted me at the trailhead last week – although it’d been in my pack for five days, it was one of the best Coke’s I’ve tasted. Desert was a Snickers bar.

One of the old fellas there marvelled that it would have been a lunch he’d have craved even at home, let alone the back country.

When they fed me at Bridgeport, Kirsten told me, “There’s no point in torturing yourself!” She’s right. And I can’t wait to bite into tomorrow’s crunchy red apple.

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