Day Ninety: 1684.6 – 1713.0km

Lately, I’ve been seeing so many posts from friends along the PCT who have reached the midway point.

Some of them started before me, some after, and all those I have seen on Facebook or Instagram are currently 500km ahead of where I’m sitting in my tent right now, typing this.

Pickleback had a conversation yesterday with an older section hiker. He spoke about our speed (or lack thereof) through the Sierras; how we averaged under fifteen kilometres a day. Instead of receiving a remark about how late we are in the season to still be this far south or questions of how on earth we expect to reach Canada, the gentleman thoughtfully marvelled that we are the first PCT thru-hikers he has ever heard such a response from. He said we must have given it our all, and done it right: embracing all those lakes and summits.

It was a good reminder I kept coming back to today.

I feel I am getting emotional whiplash from the back and forth struggle going on within me.

Would I change how I walked the Sierras?

Not at all! I loved the slower pace, how my abs hurt from laughing, using different muscles in my legs to swim instead of walk. The Hiker Biker Gang was setting a golden standard for PCTers (or so Mr Brightside told us at the Muir Trail Ranch).

Do I wish I was further ahead?

100%. I would so love to be back in the big bubble of people I’ve grown to love – there’s just no way I’ll catch up, and even if I could, I’d be running.

I don’t want to run. That’s not what this journey is about for me.

I know, I know, ‘it’s the journey and not the destination’ and all that, but I still wish I could switch my legs onto fast forward.

Instead, I’ll keep laughing with my crew here. We’ll keep planning for our flip, and I can hold onto the beautiful thought that I’ll probably see most everyone I have met so far on trail, as we go against the grain for the second half of our hike.

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