Day Ninety Four: 1753.8 – 1768.2km

Yesterday evening we got back to the trailhead, and I thought I needed a nap before dinner. I woke up from said ‘nap’ f o u r t e e n h o u r s later. I’m guessing it was kickback from all that happened Friday, as well as sharing our hostel room with a rowdy Irish group over the weekend.

Friday had been a big day.

I don’t know how many kilometres I actually walked, but the aftermath of processing what we had witnessed took its toll on me. I’m doing fine, and feeling better – having a big group of people praying for me helps – but I think emotionally I was pretty run down and that fourteen hour sleep helped to reboot the system.

J$ and Pickle had hitched back to trail 21km before where Nemo and I had been dropped back. They wanted to walk all the miles they didn’t end up doing on Friday, whereas I felt like Friday was a big enough chapter in itself: those miles were forfeit for the alternate journey life took us on.

It took them until maybe 3PM to catch us up at Echo Lake. Nemo and I had only walked four kilometres to get there, but I didn’t mind easing into the week.

Jimminy thought I was taking her picture.

Really, I was just showing how grubby my flashy new socks were after such a short stint.

I bought these yesterday. White was NOT my first choice, but the store only had size XL’s otherwise. It’s always nicer when you can’t see the dirt, but maybe this’ll keep me more accountable to myself to wash them more often?

By the time we eventually got up and moving, it was 5PM.

It’s Pickle’s birthday tomorrow, so we renegotiated with ourselves like we do so well.

It seemed a better idea to do less miles now, wake up by a beautiful lake tomorrow, and hike on from there.

We’re all too good at justifying less mileage.

At least we’re on the same page.

And this smokey, hazy, lake seems as good a place as any other to camp by tonight.

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