Day Ninety Five: 1768.2 – 1782.6km

Mountain House Raspberry Crumble – it’s my still favourite of the dehydrated bougie* meals (never mind it being classed a ‘dessert’), even though I had scalding hot mixture dripping down my back this evening.


That happened.

With these dehydrated meals, all you have to do is boil two cups of water, pour it into the hardy foil bag, ziplock the top and wait twenty minutes. During that twenty minutes, you’ve got twenty minutes of a DIY heat bag. It’s pretty much a hot water bottle that you can eat. You just have to make sure you zip up the top properly. Which I didn’t. And only realised after readjusting the bag on my shoulders and having that chocolate raspberry pudding burn it’s way through my shirt down my back.

Luckily, we’re right next to a river, so I was able to jump up and get some cold fresh water to pour over it straight away. I’m fine. It just hurt. But I’m fine.

We’ve actually been right next to water for most of today. Which worked out well, because it’s Pickle’s birthday.

I cooked up breakfast burritos and a pot of coffee for us all – without having to leave my tent.

I love living in a tent. I’m already day dreaming (every now and again) about living in my tent when I get home… If I come home. We’ll see. No plans have to be made just yet, right? Planning on carrying a dozen eggs, garlic and onion in to trail for birthday breakfast is all the planning I need to do just now.

Brekky was leisurely, of course, as was the rest of our day in between those eleven miles walked. To be honest, I’m not sure how we even managed to walk that far.

Like I said, we were beside water most of the day.

And with our Hiker Biker Gang rules, every Lake passed between the hours of 11-3PM has to be swam in.

There were five.

And we set a new HBG record for lake swims in a day.

We got up to the pass – eventually – and even though there were no views what with all this smoke hanging around, we still summit bummed with whisky and jokes and phone calls to our homes.

According to the standards of staunch PCT hikers and avid thru-hiking enthusiasts, we’re not living up to the ‘proper code’. All this swimming and cooking does not leave enough time for an acceptable amount of miles walked. I’m glad I’m having too much fun to care.

*We use ‘bougie’ a lot: it’s short for bourgeoisie, which is French for the middle class – who are typically seen as materialistic or upper class. It’s basically just a cheeky way of saying ‘fancy’.

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