Day Ninety Six: 1782.6 – 1807.8km

This is my friend Jimminy Cricket.

If you’ve fast forwarded a few chapters, or you started with us back at the beginning, you’ll know her as Sarah.

Jimminy – who also goes by J$ (J-Money) is my Australasian sister. She’s not just one of my peeps, she’s the Sam to my Frodo. Out of all the hikers I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with so far, I’ve spent the most miles with this chick. She’s given me good – and bad – advice, she’s been an emotional support, she laughs with me when the Americans need a definition of ‘grotty’ (dirty) or ‘muso’ (musician) or ‘old mate’ (any person I refer to – be it friend, stranger or mortal enemy*).

Even just yesterday, for example, Pickle said, “Not many, if any”. I jumped straight into, “How many dudes you know roll like this?!” and was met with blank stares from our token US fellas, a second or three of silence, and a huge laugh from J$ when she told us that Scribe is a Kiwi and the boys have probably never heard that song.

I’m lucky I’ve got her.

She’s my girl out here. I’m not sure exactly when she became integral to this journey of mine, but I wouldn’t want to do it without her.

So this is really just one big shout-out to this amazing Australasian sister from another mister of mine.

Life on the Pacific Crest Trail is beautiful.

We all know it.

I keep saying it.

And showing it.

Also, it’s pretty hard.

I’ve said that once or twice too.

Every day brings different challenges. Some days, the challenge is just to cover some distance. Other days, it’s finding potable water. We haven’t had many issues with water since desert days, but every now and again here is another dry stretch, even out here. See that yellow water in the bottle on the ground there?

That’s the water we collected from a stagnant pond. Our only option, halfway through the day. A quick filter through the Sawyer (that attachment on top of the bottle), and it comes out clear. Pretty much. More than enough to be drinkable, at least 😉


1111.11 miles covered so far.

That’s a lot of challenges, a lot of conquests, a lot of laughs and a lot of tears. A lot of muscles cramping, a lot of river laundry, a lot of protein bars, and a lot of milkshakes.

A lot of miles (more if we’re using kilometres!) traversed.

A lot of laughs shared.

A lot of memories made.

A lot of love that keeps on expanding my heart.

*Just kidding. I have no mortal enemies. I hope.

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