One Hundred – Two: RENO

Taking some time off has been a good call.

I was fighting with myself so much last week, trying to make everything work. Instead of enjoying my time out here, I seem to have been on auto pilot. I was stressing myself out. I needed a break. I just didn’t want to admit it – much less actually have one.

Getting off trail, even for just a few days, feels like I’m cheating.

Part of me feels weak. Part of me feels like a fraud. Part of me wants to be stronger and be fine.

I’m glad, though, that I listened to the part of me that cried out for some respite.

And I’m all the more glad that I‘ve got friends I was able to call upon in that need.

Back in 2014, I took six months to study and travel with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). It’s a Christian organisation that trains and equips young people to be disciples and missionaries right across the world. My base was on a small island off the coast of Belize, and that’s where I met Whitney and Trevor Dix.

She was my small group leader, and she’s now a lifelong friend – who just so happens to live in Reno, down the road from where I got off trail yesterday.

Taylor is another friend I met through YWAM. As part of our school, we travelled to Morocco and got to work with people on the ground there.

And she just so happens to be staying in Reno as well right now.

My three days there weren’t chockablock full of events or activities or anything too exciting. They were full, however, of filling each other in on the past few years, of soaking in a bathtub, of napping, of church, of snuggling up on the couch with Netflix on, of ice cream and fresh food.

I was able to meet Amelia Rose – Whitney and Trevor’s fresh adorable daughter.

I got to have coffee, a long talk, a big cry and just about the greatest hug of my life, with Whit’s mumma, Diane.

I slept for sooooo many hours.

I FaceTimed Australia and the UK and Pickle and Jimminy on trail. I know I only saw them a day ago, but after living with them 24/7 since June, I already miss those cool cats.

And I forgave myself.

I didn’t take many photos, because I was too busy having my heart filled up and resting my body.

Instead, I’ll leave you with another photo of Taylor and I in Morocco (we’re on either end of the crazy five ladies there).

Prodigal is renting a car – he’ll pick up Nemo, Pickle and J$ from Sierra City, they’ll come get me from Redding, and we’ll all head north together for our flip.

For me, for now: next stop, Redding.

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