One Hundred Four – Five: REDDING


What am I dreaming about?

What am I dreaming for?

What makes my heart come alive?

What am I working towards?

Staying with Matt and Kat Pratten has sent my mind down a rabbit hole.

These guys aren’t just funny and kind and welcoming – they are challenging and discerning and inspiring.

img_2078.jpgI met them back in Byron Bay through church, and we never spent much more time together than a hug and quick hello most Sundays. It didn’t deter them at all, though, and Kat reached out early on in my Pacific Crest adventure to ask if I’d like to come spend some time with them in Redding as I went north.

I accepted, of course. And I’m so glad I did.

My time with them was short, but it left its mark.

What am I dreaming for?

Apart from this great big walk, I don’t really have any goals I’m working towards. I certainly don’t have any notion of what I will apply myself to when I get back to Australia, or for next year, or for five years down the track. I don’t have any idea ‘what I want to do with my life’. I couldn’t find words for any aspirations I have, or purpose I live for, or target I’m set on – because I have none. I’m just kind of walking, and letting life unravel ahead of me.

This isn’t a new concept for me.

I’ve never really had an answer for these kind of questions. And that’s been fine. I haven’t worried about it or sought out long term direction. I haven’t dedicated much brain power (at all) to try and figure it out, because I’ve been happy to let it unfold as I sauntered down whatever path lay ahead. I figured, “It can’t end badly!”, and if I was unsure, “If in doubt, go left”.

So far, it’s worked.

I have lived – I am living – a pretty epic life. I’ve been able to experience extraordinary things. I’ve met the most magical people. I’ve got stories for daaaaaays about all my silly exploits.

But, like Matt pointed out, if I don’t have a game plan, I’m not exactly going to be able to work towards bigger and better things. I’m kind of just leaving it up to the universe to throw opportunities in my lap.

And he’s right: I think it’s about time I begin dreaming. Have some drive behind me. Start to live intentionally.

And dream BIG, while I’m at it.

I’ll let you know when I come up with something good 😉

2 thoughts on “One Hundred Four – Five: REDDING

  1. Anonymous says:

    As someone else has said, If reality and dreams were put on a graph line, dreams and imagingings were be way above. But one day they intersect. Then you know it is time for more dreams.Great recent example of this is the Japanese girl who won the American OPen. Serena was her hero. She dreamed one day of playing Serena in the USA Open. She never said if winning was part of this dream But hey, she made it to the final against Serena and won.

    Intersection of dream and reality


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