One Hundred Thirteen: 1,951.8km

Who knew there were so many shades of green?

Not me.


Or at least, I haven’t seen so many so close together, all at once.

We went from meadow to granite to woods to rainforest. Then back to woods, then riverbanks, then rainforest again. Each scene so different, and yet all one and the same: filled with lush verdant greens.


I think I said it yesterday, and if so, I don’t mind repeating myself:

I hate the cold. I very deeply completely passionately dislike not feeling warm. Hot. Give me those desert mid-forties (Celsius, sorry Americans!) over the cold.

Today’s top temperature was 10’C. The TOP. Not the average, or the low. I don’t even want to know what the low was. Apparently, last night it hovered around the 4’C mark. No thank you. No wonder I was freezing.

And today, it also rained. It wasn’t rain rain – just drizzly, but that drizzle wouldn’t let up for most of the day. To be honest, I’d rather have a downpour and get it over with than stay damp for hours on end – which is what happened today.

Even if I didn’t hate the cold just for the sake of being cold, I’m in no way acclimatised to these lower temperatures just yet, either. My body can’t workout what it should be doing: because I have goosebumps all day long, but I’m also used to wearing next to nothing when I hike. I tried to cover up with my long sleeve merino thermal top this morning when we started off, but five minutes later I was in sweat city.

Sweat = feeling even colder than I already was.

I know, I know, I could probably get some sort of nifty exercise shirt that regulates temperature, wicks moisture away from skin, keeps me cool and warm at the same time, bla bla bla… Actually, yes. Karen sent me just that in my box. But I somehow forgot that it gets cold, and sent it forward. Figured I still have plenty of summer days here. Oops. At least my merino has done me good so far, and it’s what I’ve got, so I’m going to make it work.

I came up with a good compromise today to start with: keep the top pulled over my head, but don’t actually wear the sleeves. Then buff doubled up around my ears/neck (I tend to get fluey if my ears get cold – weird, I know) and gloves on. I‘m pretty sure I look like a walking juxtaposition/crazy person with the contrast of gloves, buff, woolly scarf thing going on and yet so much skin showing, but it seems to work for me. No more sweating, at least.

And having my arms cold means that I do pushups at every break/water source to heat up again. So far it seems like a very good system!


Anyway, back to my point: I want to hate Washington for its weather. It’s flipping AUGUST for goodness sake! Pretty sure we’re technically still in summer for a few weeks yet. So how is it 4’C OVERNIGHT?!

This is just miserable.

But I can’t hate Washington. Even with its weather.

It’s just too damn pretty.

I’m almost already in love with it.


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