One Hundred Eighteen: 2,074.9km

I only gave a half hearted attempt when I tried to sneak off before the gang woke up.

The snooze button was pressed at least twice before I even moved, let alone deflated my NeoAir and wriggled out of my quilt. This far into the game, I’ve got my morning system pretty down pat: it took less than a half hour to break down my tent, stuff the rest of my few belongings away, and swing my pack onto my back. But it still wasn’t fast enough to leave in a huff by myself, as I’d planned to last night.

I tiptoed through our camp. Half of me intended on leaving early, still upset with everyone for leaving me alone yesterday, while the other half wanted to swallow my pride, make up, and have my friends back.

2Beers made the decision a lot easier for me when she poked her head out of her tent to say good morning. And I can’t ever be upset with her – she’s just too good of a human. She was full of concern about my knees and how yesterday went, so I unslung my pack again, and told her of my woes.

Honestly, at this point, I’m wondering if this knee damage might be permanent.

Then 2Beers told me of her woes: around 3AM, a mouse chewed its way into her tent. She had had to scramble for her head torch, pull EVERYTHING out from her tent, and chase said mouse around until it scampered away, before undoing the wreckage and piling her things back inside to try to get a few hours more sleep. And she did it quietly: she didn’t want to wake up the campers next to her.

Personally, mice don’t bother me all that much, but I know a lot of people cannot stand them – and 2Beers is one of those.

Nemo and the Prodigal woke to our giggles and moaning about how hard we both have it, and the boys emerged immediately to give us big hugs and coffee. I guess I’ll forgive them.

No, I have forgiven them: the deed was done when I was given some Percodan.

It’s oxycodone and aspirin – basically, a heavy duty post surgery level pain killer. Their gift got me through today. It got me to Steven’s Pass, right on time for dinner with the rest of the crew. All day I could still feel that something was wrong with my knees, but none of the pain reached my brain while the medicinal cocktail was floating through my system.

Percodan is my new favourite.

I can see why people get addicted to this stuff – for a while there I could have sworn I was gliding up and down the trail riding a unicorn through rainbows. I should probably give the rest of the pills back, just so I don’t get tempted…

Because, I am definitely tempted to live out the rest of my days on this magic.


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