One Hundred Twenty Four: 2,154.7km

Okay, yeah, so, it turns out I wasn’t the only one letting my thoughts get the better of me last night.

Swapping stories this morning, I learnt that 2Beers had also wound herself up a little, and made a similar dash for camp once dark hit, like I did. Nemo had felt ‘a little weird’, but being a big strong fella, he didn’t want to let on too much. That’s what I reckon, anyway 😉 And as for the Prodigal? Well, he played it cool, of course.

It was interesting, anyway, once we started hiking again.

Walking through the exact same kind of forest as what we had been in last night, and yet, now, with sunlight filtering through tree trunks and leaves, the mystery seemed magical in place of ominous.

It didn’t take too long to get above the tree line, either. Not with all this climbing we keep having to do! I do love a good climb (up). Not so fond of descending afterwards, but there’s always some give and take.

The big grin that has been plastered on my face basically comes to this moment:

That right there folks, is the halfway mark for this little walk I’m doing. 


My two feet, my one backpack, my determination, these awesome people around me and the support sent from back home has carried me 2,150km. 

Two thousand, one hundred and fifty kilometres of sweat, tears, and absolute bliss.

(Photo credit goes to the Prodigal – that’s me down in the middle there)

How is this even possible?

Honestly, I’m still not sure.

We took a lot of pictures to mark the occasion. A lot more than I’ll upload here, because I don’t want anyone getting bored of the views or my smile.

(The Prodigal took this one too)

And then began the descent down the other side of the mountain. I always know there’ll be a descent, but it never seems to make it any easier.

(I also took some pics of him)

Before I knew it – before my knees knew it! (thank you paracetamol!) – we were back amongst the trees, and moving through forests almost identical to ones we’ve passed through already.

Have I mentioned before that I love this?

I know it’s taken us almost an age to complete just half of the PCT, but if I could do it all again, I still wouldn’t go any faster. Taking our time means savouring moments. I know we’re all out here hiking our own hikes, and it’s so easy to compare myself to others as they pass on their way north, but I’d take my memories and moments spent with my crew all over again even if it means finishing months later than the ‘average’.

What’s the rush, right?

(Yep, this is the Prodigal’s work again.. Dang camera making my iPhone pics look less epic) 

One thought on “One Hundred Twenty Four: 2,154.7km

  1. Mind Stories says:

    Dear Wizard,

    Congratulations on making it half-way!
    It’s great getting my PCT-fix from back home by reading your entries.
    Love your blog!
    Keep hiking your own hike.


    Joris ~ Flat Earth ~ Groot


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