One Hundred Twenty Seven: 2,196.9km

I only took one photo today: 2Beers and Nemo, as we walked out of Snoqualmie Pass and up into those misty mountains. 

I feel content.




I got to chat with Mumma and Dad this morning, then spent a further two hours on the phone to my gal pal Reens and sister Sarah as I was hiking. I’ve included photos for your viewing pleasure below, simply because I have no other pictures and it’s fun to scroll back through pre-PCT life. It’s also fun having reception as I hike – these miles just melted away as I chatted right up until the reception faded out. I even sat for a while longer just so we could keep talking. Keeping in touch with home helps me feel more grounded here. I’m going to have to prioritise phone calls more often when I’m in town.

Today, really, felt overall productive, even though we didn’t walk too far. 

2Beers, Nemo and I are all on the same page with miles: we want to crush a few. We’re going to set high (albeit realistic goals) and start to raise our average to 20 milers at least. We’re all pretty excited to aim for at least one 30mi day as well – which is 50 odd kilometres for all those of you outside of these United States. We knew today wouldn’t be one, so weren’t worried when it was 2:00PM and we hadn’t left yet. Realistic goals are what will help us get there I reckon. And we’ll be proud of ourselves for hitting those targets, instead of guilty. 

Oh, so, my favourite little snippet of today:
Mailing the Prodigal’s boxes ahead.

He left trail yesterday to follow his heart back to San Fran, which meant we could divvy up his resupply boxes that he’d shipped here – he won’t need any more protein bars or dehydrated meals any time soon.

There was a lot of food. Plus, we’ve learned a little more through our past resupplies just how much of this food we’re eating, and realised we’ve sent ourselves too much from the big shops at Seattle. Carrying extra only serves to make our packs heavier (obviously!), and the walk harder.

The excess from it all was packed tight into two boxes. It makes sense to send them ahead to the Washington/Oregon border, as we don’t already have food waiting there for us. Only problem is, Snoqualmie doesn’t have a post office: the nearest one is back in Seattle, nearly two hours away.

I kept my peace. 

Nemo and I sat for a minute, and assured each other there had to be a solution to our postage problem that we hadn’t seen yet. 

It came to me:

Trust a stranger. 

We were sitting in the lobby of the hotel we spent last night in, and there was a couple checking out. I quickly ran through my plan with Nemo to make sure he was fine with it, and approached the guy.

The United States Postal Service has a deal with ‘flat rate boxes’: it doesn’t matter how heavy they are, it’s only $19 to ship within the country. I explained that we couldn’t send the boxes from the Inn here, and didn’t really have time to hitch two hours to Seattle (and back!) to post from there.

I went out on a limb, and asked if he and his wife wouldn’t mind taking our boxes, dropping into a post office and mailing them for us this week. I promised them there were no drugs or explosives in there, and they trusted me. I think. They went with it, either way. We gave them cash to cover postage and a little extra to buy a coffee each on us (budgets are tight!), and they drove off with our food. 

Cheers to the goodness in people’s hearts, and to trusting our fellow humans. Cheers to helping each other out, and doing what we can when we can. Cheers to creative solutions. 

And cheers to my peeps I got to chat to along the way today!

This is why I love chatting to my parents as much as I can – aren’t they the BEST?!
“Quick, fake a laugh for the camera!”
I took a sneaky screenshot of her on another long trek I did (the Camino de Santiago). Sarah cottoned on, pointed it out, and I took another one!

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