One Hundred Thirty Two: 2305.6km

I generally do pretty good at not stressing, but I’m fighting to stay in a positive headspace. And not winning. 

So the visa issue…

I need to leave the US by October 19th. 

To get back in, I need to actually leave the continent of North America – as in, go further south than Panama, or head over to Europe. Or China. Or anywhere else, really. Which is ridiculous, but it is what it is. 

I’m stressing, because the world is a big place, and I have so many options. (First world kind of problem though, huh?!)

I’m just confused. All the options seem expensive, and my mind is a murky swirling mess of what to do. 

Should I get to the Washington/Oregon border, then head up to Rainy Pass so I can complete those last 100 kilometres and touch the coveted northern terminus at the Canadian border? If so, do I continue up into Canada and fly from there to Europe or wherever?

Or do I do those last few miles, get my picture at the border, and then turn around to hike back to Seattle and fly out from there? 

And after I jet off for a week, two weeks, whatever, should I try and complete the whole last 1000 miles? Should I pick up the trail from the top of Oregon and hike south to Donner Pass? Or go down to Donner Pass and finish all of California, leaving the entire state of Oregon for another time? Maybe even next year? Even I’m getting confused about all my options and towns and mileages.

I just don’t know. 

Like I said, it’s stressing me out. 

It’s also frustrating, because I know everything will work out – I just can’t see how right now.

How often life is like this, though. 

Yesterday morning I never would have imagined within twelve hours I would have been snowed on, hitched 100km to a sunshiney valley, slept in a bed with too many gloriously fluffy pillows to snuggle, and now be sitting in a ritzy hotel lobby typing this. 

There’s no way I could have seen it coming, or planned for it, and yet it worked out perfectly. All things tend to. 

It’s this unknown middle ground that has me uneasy.

Too many variables, too many deadlines, too much pressure that I’m putting on myself. 

I’m going to have another cup of hot, strong, (free!) coffee, take a deep breath, and sit here.

Mum and Dad will wake up soon in Australia, and I’ve already texted them to call me as soon as they’re up – they generally have solid advice and wisdom when I need it. I love that I can call on them for help. I also love that even though I’m definitely in ‘adult’ territory, they’re still my go-tos when I need clarity or prayer or someone to tell me all the things I try to tell myself: like stop stressing!

PS: We did get our margaritas yesterday evening. We nabbed a great deal on which is my new FAVOURITE site to book hotels – you pay for a ‘mystery deal’, add in how many beds etc you need, and it only costs around 60% of the value. This snazzy place is a 4 star hotel that we got for like $70 and I’m still in shock at how we ended up here instead of shivering in wet clothes and wet tents.
Right now, Nemo is currently out buying some proper shoes, and as soon as I chat to Mum and Dad, get some clarity, some wisdom, and calm down, I’ll head out to buy some warmer layers too!
Outside it’s a CRAZY 90’F/30’C. I cannot understand how a quick change in altitude can have such a drastic effect on the temperature, but there you have it! No doubt we’ll get ice creams later today to ‘cool down’ before heading back up to sleep in the freezing cold…

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