One Hundred Thirty Five: ZERO


And Nemo and 2Beers showed up late morning, after I got a glorious sleep in.

And Marley and Hannah, and Blue, and Twerk, and Turtle, and a whole heap of hikers trying to sit out the storms that keep rolling in and out and in again.

So many familiar faces!

Having such a beautiful community spread out across the mountain ranges of west America is a bizarre thing. I mean, how often is it that you get to traipse through forest for days on end, rock up at a little gas station on a highway crossing and bump into people you met months ago two states away? In ‘normal life’, basically never. In this life, basically every gas station.

That box I’m holding is a nativity scene:
Nemo wanted to make sure I had ALL my friends in the picture… Including baby Jesus.
I tried to explain that Jesus is with me all the time, but he had a good point that at least with me holding the set, you can see him there.
(You’ll just have to zoom in, if you want to make sure).

According to locals (and the weather report), the worst of the storm will hit this afternoon/tonight, so…

You guessed it.

Town = zero day.

What a surprise, right?!

And I know that the sky here is a brilliant blue, but that’s only because we’re down off the mountain. All you Australians just have to remember that with the huge drop in elevation, comes a huge change in weather patterns. Hikers have been dropped off sporadically throughout the day, sopping wet and shivering. Really, it’s probably the safest option for us to stay here and wait out the weather.


Safer or not, the beds are definitely infinitely more comfortable than wet tents (which are now out in the sun, drying), and some crappy wifi means an opportunity to FaceTime Maya and Dario! Argh these two!

(Sorry about the bad quality picture Maya, it was the only one I got before we got cut off! I love you!)

And Liza?
Our trail angel who took us the 100miles down to Yakima and back?
Being down here in town with a little reception meant she could call us: 2Beers accidentally left her phone on the backseat of the truck, and Liza just happens to be driving past this way tomorrow morning.
So now we have to stay, so she can drop it off.

I’m going to make the most of this town time, and try and update the past few blog posts.. I know I’ve fallen behind big time.

I’m also going to totally take advantage of the local bakery, get a good coffee and a snickerdoodle cookie (which is a real thing over here), and have some one on one Jesus time.
Hiking through nature is pretty much as close to Heaven as I’ve ever felt, but curling up with a freshly brewed coffee and my bible (even just in app form) comes a very close second – especially when couches and espresso are far and few between out here.

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