One Hundred Forty Four: 2,544.4km

The woods were quiet as I made my way south this morning.

Light filtered through the canopy of leaves above me.

Trees stood tall and solemn.

A heavy hush muffled the sound my footsteps.

Woods morphed into rainforest, with the lushest greens my eyes have seen.

That photo isn’t filtered. None of these are. It truly is this magical.

Washington State, who knew?!

I’ve been feeling quite sombre this week, with the impending end of this journey coming ever closer and closer.

I want time to slow. I want my footsteps to drag. I want to savour these moments, and not lose the beautiful weightiness of them in my tendency to mourn their finality.

Even in these jumbled thoughts and reluctant footsteps, the trail provides.

“Make your life spectacular!”

A timely reminder.

Thank you, trail.

Thank you, Robin Williams.

Thank you, anonymous hiker who left the encouragement there.

I will.

I am.

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