Día Diecisiete / Day Seventeen

This post was meant to be a body appreciation one. Despite the heat and the mountains, the rain and the blisters, a heavy pack and hard, rocky ground, my body has carried me 500km. Thank you to my knees, who have not given out. Thank you to my ankles - I know you didn't like the … Continue reading Día Diecisiete / Day Seventeen


Día Dieciséis / Day Sixteen

"Lo siento, Mamá y Papá" - that thing that I thought would not happen, happened... I ran out of water. And then the mercy of strangers brought me to tears. According to the neon signs flashing on street corners, it reached 36-37'C. I knew it was going to be another hot one, so I learned … Continue reading Día Dieciséis / Day Sixteen