Pack Unpacked

Have you been dreaming about Into the Wild? Wondering what you would take with you for six months in the wilderness? Or even what foods you might eat out there? Well, I’m no Christopher McCandless, but I am your lady. While I’m not setting fire to my passport or any money*, I am wandering north. … Continue reading Pack Unpacked


“You’re all set honey! You’ll be in San Diego in a few hours.” The train conductor’s warm smile and fatherly reassurance slowed my heart rate a little, but not a whole lot. He’s right, though: I am all set. In LA I was able to sort out the last few bits and pieces (I think??). … Continue reading Perspective


I’m at the front of the line to board a plane bound for America, and nerves are finally starting to sink in. (Also meant I was first to step on the plane past First Class - very eerie!). This has been a week of goodbyes, from Lennox Head to Sydney to Melbourne. I’ve been running … Continue reading Flights


Nine days left. That’s only just over 200 hours. Let’s say I sleep for 60 of those, and have around 40 hours of work... I’m left with 100 hours before I fly out, give or take a few. That’s not very long to pack up my caravan, get Betty serviced and sold (cross your fingers … Continue reading Hours

Pipe Dreams

After "Wait - how far?!", or "Solo? Are you serious?", and "So when do you leave?", The most common question I get asked is "Are you ready?" And I don't really have an answer. Ready is relative, I believe. Do I have a tent? A backpack? Yes. Sleeping bag? Yep, and I even chose my own … Continue reading Pipe Dreams


When I left for the Americas two months ago, I didn't have a home to return to. I had friends who've become family, a job I love, and a gorgeous corner of Australia that I knew I'd head back to - but I didn't have a bed waiting for me, or my favourite shampoo and … Continue reading Home