Miss Me Already?

This page was originally set up to check in while I was gallivanting.

But, even though I’m putting a few tentative roots down (for now), I’m going to keep this open. There are people I’ve met across Australia, across the globe that I miss deeply – and even closer to home that I don’t get to connect with often enough.

So, feel free to drop a line any time.

I’ll respond whenever I can!



10 thoughts on “Miss Me Already?

  1. brontiderob says:

    Hey Wonder Woman, the Warrior Wizard,
    Glad to see you’re still trekking along. I hope to jump to catch up with you in the Sierras. I’m off the trail at McDonald’s for a few weeks, rehabbing a knee and a twisted ankle. Give my best to Speedy if you see him. I’ve seen his ‘signs’ along the trail (and even added one of your “W’s” and the one sent to me personally to my Section C video).
    Fair winds,


    • Naomi Joy says:

      Oh I’ve been hoping I’d hear from you or figure out how to check in!!
      Thank you for letting me know – although I am so sorry to hear about your knee/ankle 😣
      I saw a guy up the top of Baden Powell yesterday in a salmon shirt almost exactly like yours (I think you met him!), and was so disappointed to realise he just copied your shirt and got my hopes up.
      I’ll be looking out for you in the Sierras and will miss you this stretch. You’re always a pleasure to chat with, and put a pep in my step every time I bump into you.


      • brontiderob says:

        Meat Sticks. Yes, I ran into him near Big Bear. We complimented each other in our excellent in shirts. The swelling on my ankle is finally down this morning. It wasn’t doing well on trial. Knee feels better too, but then, I’m not wearing a pack. Please give my best wishes to Speedy with his shin splints. A couple days of backing-off a bit may be in order for him too. I’m glad you seem to be doing well. Fair winds


  2. Kimberley says:

    I did’nt get a chance to message you before you got on the plane 😦 Have to best, safest, fun time of your life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • naomimowbray says:

      Yes, but it’s more fun getting messages here anyway 😉
      Thank you for the time we got to spend together before I left. I have to say, Adam is free to pick movies for us anytime – his choices so far have been pretty great!
      Look after the cactus, and we’ll have another movie date when I get back. Xxx


  3. Llama 1 says:

    Did you know that llamas like to travel in pairs? I always thought of you as my other llama…and now that has changed 😦

    But in the end you won’t regret the things you have done in life, but may regret the things you didn’t do- Which is the only reason why I am letting you leave, because I know ‘leaving’ and ‘being left’ is different, and this journey is something you wont regret!

    Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.
    Have an amazing time,
    Miss you lots already


    • naomimowbray says:

      Surprisingly, I didn’t know that llamas stay in pairs. One more llama fact to add to my collection; you’re so great! 😉

      J2, I will be your other llama forever and a day. We won’t be travelling in a pair through our daily life over the next few months, but I’ll carry you in my heart every minute I’m gone.

      It makes me sad that to go on this adventure I had to leave without you, but I don’t doubt we’ll pick right up where we left off because you’re just that type of brilliant person and you are my other half.

      Miss you too Scallop.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I do miss you already! Who am I going to have as my gym/sunbaking/LG/Church/lovin’ food buddy whilst you are gone??? I will miss you heaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boo hoo!!!!!! But excited for what God is going to do in you. Love love love lots, Cat xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


    • naomimowbray says:

      You have been the best mentor/inspiration/example/sister/friend I could have been blessed with!!
      Miss you too – who am I going to call when I have emergency prayer requests, need a beach partner or someone to do a workout with?
      Thanks for being here with me in spirit, and thank you in advance for all the prayers you and Bren will be sending up on my behalf!
      You are amazing and I love love love you too. Xx


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