Partnering With Me

I want to be intentional that this adventure is not just about me.

While travelling across the world, my goal is to look for opportunities to reach out to others. I want to see people and their needs, and do what I can to support them. I want to be remembered as a glimpse of Heaven that people get to encounter, and brighten the day of each person I come across.

To all who have supported me in my life travels already, and to all those who continue to:

I want to thank you.

To my family, friends, and all others who have partnered with me along the way, I so GREATLY appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You are the ones who have helped me come so far, and I would be lost without you.

Thank you for sharing in my joys, challenges, trials, tribulations and this entire journey. Knowing I have such an amazing support group at home and across the world makes all the difference.

Please do not feel pressured, but if you wish to bless this adventure, you can click the picture below for a link to my PayPal donation page.

I  you!

isaiah 6_8

A Thought of Your Own?

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