Day Fifty Seven: 1245.8 – 1269.9km (+12.2km)

I know I’ve had a lot of good days out here. The standard has been set high. I’ve gone from desert wastelands to rocky mountains to bubbling creeks. I’ve touched the Mexican-United States ‘wall’, walked just about thirteen hundred kilometres from there, and climbed one of the country’s highest mountains. Even so, I think it’s … Continue reading Day Fifty Seven: 1245.8 – 1269.9km (+12.2km)

Day Nineteen: ZERO

I should have known I wouldn’t do any walking today. No further than lunch, or the supermarket. I was feeling a little off this morning. There’s not much alone time on trail. It’s a bit hard to describe, because it sounds silly. Most people hike all day by themselves - myself, included - but whenever … Continue reading Day Nineteen: ZERO

Day Thirteen: ZERO

Thirteen is my favourite number. Thirteen was my favourite day on the PCT? Mmm... just about. But we didn’t do any [real] walking, so I’m not entirely sure it counts. Three more of our posse were due to rock up in the afternoon, we needed to resupply, and the Swiss offered to cook dinner, so … Continue reading Day Thirteen: ZERO