When I left for the Americas two months ago, I didn't have a home to return to. I had friends who've become family, a job I love, and a gorgeous corner of Australia that I knew I'd head back to - but I didn't have a bed waiting for me, or my favourite shampoo and … Continue reading Home


Technically, I only visited Aspen for lunch. My family lives half a hour from there in a valley bordered by majestic mountains, with a freezing creek running beside the house and a pristine lake just a stones throw away (if you have a good arm). The cold snap hasn’t quite hit yet, but there was … Continue reading Aspen

No More Snails

My bags are packed. My hair has been washed for the last time for seven days. I just spent five minutes picking the sultanas out of my ziplock bag of muesli (airport meals are ridiculously priced). Next stop, Prague. I'm open to every adventure and challenge before me - I'm just hoping that there aren't … Continue reading No More Snails